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When active treatment is complete the patient begins the retention phase of treatment.

  • Teeth must be held or retained in their new positions until the bone, teeth, and soft tissues adapt to the new tooth positions.
  • If not retained, teeth will move back to their original positions to a certain degree.
  • Retention is a lifelong commitment.
  • We always advise our patients to NOT discard their retainers.
  • Retainers should be worn as “templates” to hold the orthodontic correction because all teeth will try to shift back and relapse. Relapse can occur at any time in life (and is common in adult life 30’s & 40’s)

Recommended Retainer Wear:

  • 0 – 6 Months: Full time wear, Day and Night (24/7)
  • 1-2 Years: Wear EVERY night
  • Year 3:Wear every other night
  • Year 4+: Try in 2 nights per week.

If your retainers feel tight after being out, that means your teeth are trying to move and shift back. You must increase the wear time until they feel comfortable again.

Slight movements can be corrected with full time wear of the retainer, but waiting too long to wear your retainer will make the necessary movements too great and braces may be needed again to make necessary corrections.

  • Retainers are like orthodontic insurance
  • Bonded retainers can be left in place indefinitely, HOWEVER they require much more effort and dedication in personal oral hygiene (cleaning) and regular, preventative care (have the retainer checked at routine appointments).
  • If there are any problems with retainers, patients should call us as soon as possible to make any necessary repairs BEFORE the teeth move.

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