Craig R. Smith, DDS

Licensed General Dentist
2803 Bogus Basin Rd, Boise, Idaho 83702

Call: 208-343-1393

Hours: Mon-Thurs 7:30-4:00


Martha L.

Dr. Smith is the most caring , professional dentist I have ever met !!! His services changed my life …he completely made my smile beautiful and natural looking and it had restored my life !!! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give a 100 !!! I was treated with respect and felt like I mattered !!! Best dentist ever !!! The whole team is amazing…. Thank you for everything…you have me back my smile and truly gave me a reason to smile again !!!

Susan S.

It is an absolute pleasure to go to the dentist now that I have found A Reason To Smile! I came to Dr. Smith for Envisalign and have been thoroughly satisfied with my results. I now have a reason to smile. I love the people who work there – very friendly and fun to be around. Donna has really trained me well on dental hygiene and my teeth have never been in better shape. I would recommend Dr. Smith and A Reason To Smile to anyone.

Kenneth A.

OMG This office rocks! I actually look forward to going to the dentist. I get personalized treatment!

Karen C.

My husband and I chose A Reason to Smile for our dentistry needs after we first moved to Idaho several years ago, based on convenience. We then moved to Horseshoe Bend, then had kids, and all the while we continued to receive our care from the friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff. This has included everything from hygiene appts to fillings and invisalign braces and everything in-between. We know we have many options for dental care, but we continue to find a perfect combination of quality care from a family friendly dentist and staff at a Reason to Smile.

Kay K.

It’s always great to come in to your office. Everyone is so friendly and pleasant. I think Donna is amazing. She is a great hygienist and so nice. I love visiting with her. She is truly and genuinely interested in everyone. You have a great staff. Thank you.

Karla B.

I love that you texted me! that is the very best way to get a hold of a busy momma who works! Thanks for being up on the technology !

Julia M.

Dr. Smith is a great dentist. Couldn’t ask for better. Knowledgeable, skilled, efficient, friendly, has the latest technology, and makes me feel comfortable and welcome. Great success with all the dental work he has done. Wonderful support staff too. They do everything possible to take care of our dental needs in a complete and satisfactory manner.

Nanette P.

Everyone was AWESOME. Love my new dentist and will recommend to everyone!!!!!!

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